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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sassy Mineral Review

So to start off I found Sassy Minerals when I was looking for some good mineral makeup, that wasn’t Bare Minerals, as I never ever finished an Eyeshadow from them and then they just sit there never to be used again because I’m always looking for something new. So for a few  days I was surfing the beauty seen on the web. When I came across Sassy Minerals.


The site was easy to move around and everything was nicely organized (unlike some  website I came across where everything pops up at you and loud music playing in the background, that just comes off tacky to me) I love how the named their products( So Cheeky for blushes, Eye Candy for eyeshades, and First Base for foundation ) and how everything you put into your basket is right on side for you to see, so that you can keep track of your shopping cart without have to hit another tab.

What I Ordered:

I ordered sample size Eyeshades and Liners, 20 all together
After Party - Break The silence- Caffeinated- Disturbing The Peace- Ejected From Eden- Fashionista- Fierce- Jolt- Lyrical- Risk Taker- Ruby Slippers- Shockwave- Starstruck- Paint The Town- Bling- Enthralling- Exhibitionist- Flash of Brilliance- Gasoline Rainbow- Sorceress. (With every order they send free samples!)  They sent me two samples Party Girl and No Rules.

The Price:

All sample sizes are .75 cents and they come in jars, with 1/16 teaspoon (eyesahodws) in a false doom bottom 3 gram jar. The Liners are the same amount and size as the Eyeshadows (but in my cases they put a lot more product in the sample jars then the set amount, which is a VERY good thing)

My order came to $18.25 USD with shipping for 20 sample size jars. Not bad at all J

Shipping/ Packaging:

Shipping took a little to long for me, I placed an order on 11/21 and it came on 12/11  and I didn’t hear anything for about a week and a few days (maybe because I orader around black Friday?) anyway all I heard was good things about how fast their shipping was so… I e-mailed them and ask about my order status and they never got back to me about why it took so long, but they did send me an e-mail saying my order shipped the next day after I e-mailed them.

Anyway my order came and everything was nicely packaged and each jar was shrinked wrapped and put in a black net bag tied with a gold ribbon… very nice as it doesn’t allow the Eyeshadow to spill.

Color Payoff:

The pictures on the site does not to justices to how beatuful the eyeshaodows are. The colors apply very smooth and bright, when using a mixing medium its even better and brighter then ever!

Overall: 4/5  
Heres a link if you want to see some of their very pretty eye shadows Sassy Minerals

Would I buy from them again Yes, because their products are very good, and the price is right lol

P.S. Swatches Coming Soon!
My Haul!!!
Peace n' Love<3