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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Foundation 101

As most of us know, there are different types of foundation, and not everyone works for every skin type. So here’s a little bit of information to help you pick the right one for you. Let me know if I left anything out  ^_^

Types of Skin:

1.)    Normal: is the easiest to work with, as you can almost wear any type of foundation for it with little to no problems.
2.)    Dry:  Liquid or cream foundation and oil-based foundation is best for dry skin.
3.)    Oily: oil-free, mattifying liquid or cream foundation work, also powder and mineral because it won’t add that dewy look to the skin.
4.)    Combination: can you use foundation made for oily skin or can you use foundation made with oil-based, if the skin is mostly dry.

Types of Foundation:

1.)    Cream: is one of the thicker types of foundation and can be oil, water-based, or emollient-based.
2.)    Powder also known as Pressed Powered: can be used dry/wet depending on the formula.
3.)    Mineral: is mostly found in loose powder form.
4.)    Liquid: has the most versatile use, as it has a wide color range and can be used by all skin types based on the formulation of the foundation. Some are made with water-based or emollient-based.


1.)   Sheer: Gives the least coverage and covers slight unevenness in skin tone, but won’t cover dark marks.
2.)     Light: is a little more pigmented and covers unevenness and some imperfections.
3.)     Medium: covers freckles, unevenness, discolorations, and light scars.
4.)     Full:  is high pigmentation that covers hyper-pigmentation, freckles, discolorations, dark spots, scars, and marks.

Moving on to Foundation Finishes….

Foundation Finishes:

1.)    Dewy: leaves the skin looking moistened and healthy, and best for dry skin types.
2.)    Matte:  adds no shine and dry result, best for oil or combination skin types. But also looks good on others to
3.)    Natural sometimes called Satin:  gives the skin a “natural” look and it’s a middle man between mate and dewy. Gives the skin a free and health look without looking as if you have makeup one. Good for almost all skin types.

Some Tips when Trying or Buying your Foundation:

1.)    Always test foundations on your jaw line and blend it into your skin.

2.)   Buying a liquid foundation. Wait for it to dry completely before determining if it’s the right shade for you.

3.)    Walk around and see if it looks good in different lighting, sometimes the right shade looks wrong under dim or too bright lighting.

4.)    As the season changes, so does your skin. Your foundation is darker in the summer/hot months and lighter in the winter/cold months.

5.)    Always test foundation before buying again, even if you had it before, making sure it’s still the shade for you.

Peace n' Love<3