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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Finding Your Face Shape 101

Let’s find out our face shape!  Knowing this is good for many different reasons. Finding that perfect hairstyle, getting the right brow shape,  knowing what needs to be highlighted and contoured, or picking the perfect pair of sunglasses.

A fun way to find your face shape is to start off with pulling back all your hair away from your face. Now look in the mirror at arm’s length and draw your face lightly in lipstick or a dry erase marker, works fine also on the mirror. P.S. Don’t use permanent marker, as it won’t come off after you used it!!!!

Common Face Shapes:

Oval Face:  The classic “perfect” shape, gently tapered at the top and bottom

Long Face: Similar to Oval but with higher cheekbones and high forehead

Heart-Shaped Face:  Wide at the cheekbone, narrow jawline

Square Face: Face is wide as is long

Round Face:  Also wide as is long, rounded

Oblong/Rectangle Face: Face is longer than is wide, long and slender

Diamond Face: Widest at cheekbones, angular

Pear/Triangular Face: Dominant jawline, narrow at temples

Peace n' Love<3