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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Brush Review from

I ordered the brush set, because I needed some extra backup brushes for gigs I have been getting and I sometimes found myself having to spot clean more then I would like to on a few different gigs in the past. 

So I found myself searching on a few different sites, and what so you know Amazon came up, I looked at the set for few days and compared them with a few other ones on the net, it seemed like a good deal for the price I was going to be paying and I heard some good things about the brushes, so I placed the order.


Ordering, was easy enough, Amazon as always is easy so that’s a no brainier.

The Price:

The price was more than right for $30 something, but I think the price is less now, then it was before. for a 34 piece set with a brush roll, and the quality in my opinion very good and does the job.

Shipping/ Packaging:

Shipping took less than a week, 4 days if I remember right.

Overall: 4/5
Only because not all 34 of the brushes were not the best, but yes I would buy again, because for the price I think it’s more than worth it

Anyway I hope this helped anyone who was looking for some good brushes for cheap.

Heres the links: the first is the one I got, the other was the one I was thinking of getting, most likely i will get that one to, now that i know how they are.

The brush roll they came in

The roll open with the flap down and over the brushes
Peace n' Love<3