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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How to Curl Lashes 101

Hey everyone! Even though I know almost everyone knows how to curl their lashes, I’m still going to post about it. For those who don’t, and since I believe it’s never too late to learn, and it’s better than never. I’m going the cover it and write some easy tips for curling your lashes.  Okay let’s get started!

Curling lashes is the easiest way to open up your eyes and make them pop, or if you have straight lashes or if they grow downward. Also always keep in mind that mascara should be applied after the lashes are curled never before, because you could really damage your lashes.

There is three types of curlers; Plastic, Metal, and Heated.

  • Make sure lashes are clean with no product on them

  • Always make sure the eyelashes curler is clean before used (replace pads on curlers every 3 months or so)

  • Heating  curlers; one way is to use a blow dryer; holding the curler under the dryer for 10 seconds and making sure it’s not too hot for you, if it’s too hot let it cool for a few seconds. Another way is to put it under hot water for 10 seconds.

  • Position the curler around your upper lashes.

  • Squeeze until you happy with the lashes, then release the curler and repeat again if needed. Make sure the curler is open all the way before removing it.

  • Then apply mascara, after that if the lashes look clumped, using a lash comb separate the lashes with the comb by coming them, so it looks more natural.
Peace n' Love<3