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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pigments 101

Yes I know that almost every beauty blogger has posted and talked about the beauty of pigments, but I’m still going to talk about it once more for myself and anyone who wants to read about it again, or the few people who haven’t read about it or is just getting into the pigment world.

Where to start with pigments? There is so many great things about them. They can be used for almost anything really. So let’s get started hmm. 

  •  Eyeshadow: Pigments are most used for eye shadows; I myself love to use them for E/S because most pigments are bright and a little goes along way with them, I don’t think I have ever used a whole jar of pigment that I can remember.  

You can you most pigment Dry or Wet.

I like to apply a base when I use it dry so that the pigment sticks to the color and won’t fade during the day. 

Using pigments wet is called foiling; foiling is when you mix a small amount of pigment with a wet element like: Water, Eye drops, Fix +, or a Homemade Mixing Medium. Foiling the pigment makes a big difference, when the pigment is wet the color shows up better and it intensifies the color and depending on the pigment can make the color look metallic. It’s almost always best to use a flat brush to apply wet pigment. 

  •  Eyeliner: using  pigment for liner is an easy way to save money on buying tons of different color liners, because most likely once you start using pigments, you’re going to be hooked and you’re going to want to buy a lot more colors.
So all you have to do to use it as a liner is wet a liner brush with water base element and apply like any other liner.

  •  Blush:  using a small powder brush/ or blush brush and apply lightly and build up as needed.

  •  Lipgloss: mixing pigment with a clear or white base gloss and apply, easy enough. I like to mix mine on the back of my hand or on my stainless steel palette, so it’s easy clean up.

  •  Highlighter: use the same way as any other highlighter, just remember to apply light and build up.

  •  Nail Polish: I like to buy the small clear or white Sally Girls polish from Sally’s Beauty Supplies. And mixing my favorite pigment and or glitter and pour a small amount into the bottle then add more if the color is not to my liking. Or I mix a few different colors and make a whole new color! It’s always fun to see what the finish color looks like.

  •  Face & Body: I like to add a small about of bronze or golden pigment in my hand with so lotion and mix with my hand and apply to my face and body to get a nice glowing finish.

  •  Hair Simmer: a lot of people like to add some into their hand with their hair wax to add some shimmer. Another way to use it for the hair is to add some into your hands and spray hairspray and then smooth hand over your hair or brush it in.

Anyway there are some easy ways to use pigments, hope it helped some.

P.S. Not all pigments are safe to be used around the eye or lip area. Remember to check the label or box for safety tips.
Peace n' Love<3