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Monday, June 6, 2011

My Jewelry Storage, and Storage Ideas

I’m writing this post because every time someone comes in to my room for the first time, they almost always go towards my “jewelry station” and ask about how I store my Bangles, Hair clips, and Earrings.

And I always tell them I like to reuse what I already have, or some old broken things most would trash without a second thought. As some of you know, I love to recycle old things and make them into something new. Not only because it helps the earth but it helps me... to save money, and  to have something different then anyone else or to just get my creative juices flowing. but.. with that said I still buy other jewelry cases/storage when i see something that i find might work better; but for now this is what i'm using.

Anyway I’ll just show y’all some pictures of my jewelry holders and explain how I made the ones I did make, and if anybody wants to learn how I made them or wants to know where I bought some of my holders, let me know and I’ll try to make a video ASAP and get back to you.  Enjoy!
Bangles and Bracelets on some water bottles

A Clear View of My "Jewelry Station", that sits on one of my window-seat ends.
A Earring Holder, that I made out of a broken mirror, hot glue gun and, some fabric I had.

My new earring holder I got from Bed Bath and Beyond. it's in the 2nd picture but its folded and put on the side when i'm not putting on earrings. it saves a lot of space.

A Hair Clip holder I made with some paper-clips (also made the clips with some old lays I had sitting around)

Necklace case I also got from Bed Bath & Beyond
Peace n' Love <3