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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sally Girl Quad Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

Hey Girls & Guys!!!

It seems like forever since I last posted a product review. So here’s one for y’all!

So the other day I was going through my makeup storage and cleaning my vanity off, as I often do every few months or so, as some of you may or may not know I have a rule that anything I don’t like or use I give to my younger sisters who are just getting into makeup. Because I’m trying to help them build their makeup storage a little bit here and there. 

As I remember when I was at their age and had little to no makeup and had no clue what to do with the little that I did have. So they end up getting a lot of high end and lower end products from me. some used and a lot never even opened (or only just switched) as I’m always buying makeup when I see something colorful or nicely packaged (I’m a sucker for pretty things lol)

 So… anyway back to the review lol sorry I talk a lot sometimes; this product I’ve had for a long time now and I never used it, so when I saw it just sitting there in the back of and under some of my other eyeshadows I decided to play with it since I nerved used it before, even a little… -_- yeah I know that’s really bad.

Left to Right
( Moolah, Gum Drop, & Power Trip)
My Finger Nail Hit It when trying to open it  @_@ FAIL
Left to Right
( Moolah, Gum Drop, & Power Trip)


Power Trip

Gum Drop

What I Got:
Three Quad’s; Moolah, Gum Drop, & Power Trip

.99cents each without beauty card, or .94cents with one

Nothing special, very plain, but it was only .94cents so it’s whatever

Color Payoff:
As I’ve used their other .94cent products before I was thinking it’ll be just as good, but sadly it didn’t even come close or as nice as their Mini Baked Eyeshadows that I really enjoy playing with. Even over a primer it just wasn’t a very good color payoff at all. Very dull and powdery and wipes off and fades really fast. But not  much of a lost as it was only .94cents.

But I’ve heard their single Eyeshadows are a lot better, so next time I’m at Sally’s I’ll have to pick up a very and see for myself

Overall:  2/5 good for someone who just starting off with colors, or just want something cheap

Would I Buy Again?:

Peace n' Love<3