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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DIY Nail Polish Rack

Hey Girls and Gents!

What I did on my Saturday night!

I was sick of looking into bins, and bins to find which polish I was looking for, so I goggled DIY Nail Rack and found this. its really easy and cheap, and holds up nice.

Holds around 157 Polish with room to grow, also I added a few more since Saturday, and i still have room!

Printed Duck Tape which I already owned

What You Need:
·         Two Foam Boards ($1 each, at my dollar store, the only thing I had to buy)
·         Ruler (Yardstick)
·         Pencil
·         Box Cutter/Knife
·         Hot Glue Gun
·         Glue Sticks
·         Nails to mount to wall (9)
·         Printed Duct Tape (additional)
·         And of course Nail Polish!!!                

If you made one, i'll love to see it!!!!

Peace n' Love<3