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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Nail Art Deco Haul

Hey my Lovely Readers!

So here’s a fast nail art haul from…. The Dollar Tree. Yup you heard right lol

Many of you may not know but  the dollar tree’s in my area almost always carries name brand makeup like Revlon, Maybelline, NYC, ELF, ALMAY, Covergirl , LA Colors & a few other drugstore brands FYI.  

Anyway back to the point, I was there the other day looking for a foam board; for a polish rack I’m making; When I came across these little nail art deco.

Like the person I am I got one of each that was there (4). Now keep in mind they seem small in the pictures, but I opened a few and they have a lot in them, and for $1 you really can’t beat the price. Also if you compare them to some of the nail art deco you can buy at some of the other beauty stores you’re really, really getting a deal. Trust me; I’ve brought a few different packs before.

Peace n' Love<3