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Friday, June 29, 2012

Islamic Fashion Night 2012

Hey Dolls, & Gents

So last month my younger sisters’ class wanted to plan a Fashion Night/Show to raise money for their school. So of course they wanted me to be on deck to help.

I was supposed to only do the makeup for the models and help picked out outfits and help get them dressed (behind the scenes stuff), and that’s about it. But like always that didn’t happen. Most of the girls in the class backed out or didn’t follow the rules given to them before the planning even begun, teenage girls, what can you do?

So after lots of “talking” most of the models (students) backed out when they realize that other people other than their close friends were going to be attainting. Go figure lol anyway I ended up being a main event planning with one of their teachers, and one of the two MC’s for the night. And I had to change the whole event around to more of a Fashion Night, then a Fashion Show. With Games, Food, Tea, Photo Booths, and Prizes.

I’m just glad it’s over! But as this was the first ever kind of event like this in our Islamic Center (Masjid) and it was for only ladies. I wasn’t really sure how it was going to go and if everyone was going to enjoy themselves.

But thank Allah(God) everyone LOVED it, and the turnout was more then what we thought was going to show with more than double the ladies we planned on having there, also after the night was over we asked everyone for any suggestion or comments they might have for us, to make the next one even better.

The only thing everyone said was that they wished it was longer, lol got to keep them wanting more right J

Anyway here is what I wore to the Event! Enjoy and tell me what you think or if you just want to talk!

I wore two Hajibs, one the way I always wrap it, the other I made into a Flower

Another angle, also you can see I did dark eyes, bright lip look for the event

 Gold glitter shoes around $35, sale $15, $10 with my coupon. can you say winning! lol

An hour or so before the event started, as some of you might know, Muslim time is  always an hour after something starts, don't know why that is to tell you the truth. anyway as I run on real time, we started right on time.
(A friend & myself)

Peace n' Love <3