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Monday, July 23, 2012

DIY Lipstick Palette, Take 2!

Hey Girls & Gents,

Here is another DIY Lipstick Palette idea, that’s affordable, and that won’t make you want to cry over it if it breaks during a Gig or Traveling.

After having used my old DIY Palettes for a few months now on different Gigs, I wanted to minimize and have two, not four or five palettes on the table while doing my Client.

 As most of us Makeup Lovers know, de-potting and palettes are a must for our MUA Kits for saving space and finding things fast. Time is money!

I happened to come across this empty well paint palette at Michael’s, when I was buying some jars for my pigments; as soon as I saw these I knew it would work great for my kit.

Keep reading after the pictures I’m going to give my pro/cons for both DIY Palettes!



Back with Printed out label with Lipsticks names in order I placed them in

Pro/Old Palette:
·         Smaller size for smaller gigs
·         Plastic tray comes out for easy cleaning
·         Only $1.50
Con/Old Palette:
·         Plastic tray falls/slips when handing the palette
·         Doesn’t hold enough colors for me
·         Thicker case then would like
·         Plastic stains easy
Pro/New Palette:
·         Holds more colors
·         No plastic tray to fall/slip out
·         Looks neater and more professional
·         Thinner and lighter
·         Plastic doesn’t stain
·         Easy to hold
Con/New Palette:
·         $4.99 but that’s not really a con for me

Tell me what you think!

Peace n' Love<3