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Friday, September 21, 2012

Falling in love with Fall, DIY Nail Polish

Hey Girls & Gents

This DIY post is about Fall and Nail polish, and how you can combine both in a beautiful love affair that you’ll want to show around town.

It’s no secret that Fall is all about deep vibrant colors, that makes us want to cuddle up with our Laptop, IPad, or Nook; or if you’re on the other side with those of us that loves the chilly weather, and kicking up some leaves as we welcome in the season.

Two of my new polishes I made, I'll be making a few more sometime this weekend

There’s one thing that we can all agree upon, is that Fall is wonderful season for beauty and fashion as the next season, and just because its cooling down doesn’t mean that we have to!

So here is a post about how you can make your own one of a kind Nail polish that’s just the right shade for you no matter the season…

What you’re going to need:

·         Clear Polish (one that’s been used till about  ¼  is gone is best, so that when you add the other items it doesn’t overflow)
·         A Cream Polish (to add thickness and something for the pigment to grab to)
·         Pigment, Loose Eyeshadow, or Eyeshadow (one you won’t mind taking some from)
·         Mini Funnel or Paper that you can make into a cone shape to funnel (for pigments to enter the bottle)
·         Glitter (Optional)

Once you have everything your ready for some fun.

(Right to Left)
Cream Polish, Funnel, Clear Polish

(Right to Left)
Pigment, Loose Eyeshadow

Glitters, Art Deco, Mini Shapes

1.       Place a few drops of the cream polish into the your clear one
2.       Add your Color (Pigment, Eyeshadow, Loose Shadow) mix how many you want to get the color you’re looking for, go as wild as you want or just keep it simple (using your funnel)
3.       Then if you’re going to kick it up a little more,  go ahead and add some glitter, mix as many as you want (Using the funnel once again)
4.       Then Shake, Shake, shake what your mommy gave ya!  Till it’s all mixed.
·         Easy as  1,2,3…4 lol

Peace n' Love<3