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Saturday, September 22, 2012

For The Love of Glitter, Name Change?

Hey Girls & Gents!

So for the last few months, I’ve been having an inner battle with myself about this BIG change I’ve been wanted to make with my blog.

So I’ll just go ahead and tell y’all what I’m talking about…

I’m going to be changing the name of my blog (For The of Glitter), there I said!

now don’t get me wrong I still very much love the name For The of Glitter & always will; because it was the name that got me blogging, and Glitter will always be a part of my life. I just think I’ve outgrown the name in a way.

The name I wanted to change it to was Room31, but once I tried to rename my blog; guess what happens? low and behold! The name I wanted is already I use… and my little heart broke when then that red little notice flashed before my screen.  (P.S. note on why I wanted the name Room31 for my blog, at the end of this post)

So with that said, I once again was on the prowl for another name blog name, that I felt fit my blog and me in every way.

So after another long week of brainstorming for names, I had a small list of names down and ready to make my pick, my sisters and I voted on which one we thought best suited my blog.

The new blog name is… drum roll please…

Lions In Lipstick… lol I’m sure y’all already new that already since it says it above. The reasons behind the name is very simple and kinda funny really.

Lions- stands for my name in a way since my name Hafsah means Lioness Cub, I joke you not lol

In lipstick –  really stands for two things. One; that you can be as crazy, wild, strong and fierce as a lion/lioness as you want to be, and still look good being that strong person you are, that likes to run on the wild side. Two; my love for lipstick lol

Do y’all like the new name? Tell me why or why not! Or what you would have named it.

Let’s say goodbye to the old For The Love of Glitter Banners.  And if anyone would like to make me a banner for the new blog name, PM so I can let you know what I have in mind. 

Note: on Room31

Room- stands for my room, and all the time I’ve spent in it, sitting in front of my vanity practicing Hair, Makeup,  & Nails  and all the time I’ve locked myself in it during my college days studying in cosmetology, and I do most of my posting in it.

The Number 3 -   stands for the 3rd floor where my room is, & long way I had to drag heavy ass duffle bags up it each day after class & still when I have to bring my kits up and down it each and every Gig I have.

The Number 1 – Stands for my door, because it’s the 1st door on the right

Peace n' Love<3