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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hijab/Scarf Storage Ideas, & How I Store Mines

Hey Girls & Gents!

In this post I’m going to give y’all some ideas on how to store your Hijabs or Scarves .

As a hijabie I have the problem of having one to many hijabs, if you’re a hijabie you know what I’m talking about lol, hopefully this will give you some ideas, and help you out some, and if you have any storage ideas let me know.

I find that they all work great, depending on what your looking for and how many hijabs you have and what type of space you have, also I’ll show you how I organize mine. 

Cutain Rod, with Hangers
this is a picture of how i store mine, all the same colors go onto the same hanger , it makes it easier when i'm putting together an outfit, i just grab the color hanger i want and choices from there

this is how i twist and knot the  hijabs when placing them on to the hangers
Butterfly Scarf Hanger (Bed, Bath & Beyond)
I find these are very cute, but not so good to hold lots of scarfs on, best used for neck scrafs

A regular hanger with Shower Hooks (an easy DIY, anyone can do, use wood, not plastic hangers)
this is one of my favorite ones, because you can just hang it, in your closet

Scarf Hanger (Ikea)
this one my mother has, and she loves it, also i find that you can hold a pretty good amount of Hijabs on it

Scarf Hanger (Bed Bath & Beyond)
i haven't ever you used one of these, but it does look nice & simple, but it doesn't look like it holds much.

Trouser Hangers (Bed Bath & Beyond)
my older sister uses these, and shes like it  because you can really see the colors/print of the Hijab without any trouble

Plain Hangers
i also used to have mine like this, just make sure you  use a wood hanger as the plastic ones break easy
Shoe Rack (Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart,  or Target)
one of my friends has hers like this, i like the look of this but  find myself  not liking the bulk of it

Storage Bins/Boxes
and we can't forget the good 'ol storage bins, i still use this for some of my other scarfs

Towel Bar or Curtain Rod, with Shower Hooks
works great and looks like a store to me

Peace n' Love<3