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Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to Apply Mascara 101

OMG this is my 100th post on Blogger!!!

Hey Girls & Gents!

This post is all about Mascara, I’m going to quickly go through a few key points of things I think everyone who wears mascara should know, also if you think I forgot anything or have any tips you want to share please comments below… okay let’s get this going!

Colored Mascara: 

Now black mascara works wonderfully for almost about anyone, don’t get me wrong, but I feel that a lot of people forget about the other equally wonderful colors out there like… Black/Brown, Blue, Purple mascaras, and thinks it’s always good to mix it up every now and again.

v  For the Light Skinned Blondes girls/gents out there; black/brown mascara is perfect for the daytime and will give your eyes a very nice awake fresh look, but don’t throw out your black mascara tubes! Just save it for the nighttime and apply it when you’re done with that sexy smoky eye you've been working on!
v  For my Blue Eyed babies out there, Blue mascara will brighten your eyes and stop ‘em dead!
v  And for my Brown Eyed vixens’ out there, Purple mascara is really going to make our eyes pop!
v  Don’t worry I didn’t forget about my Green Eyed sweethearts’ out there,  Black & Plum mascara are going to make everyone envious of your eyes!

Applying Mascara

Rule 1. Always twist the wand when getting mascara, never pump, it causes the air to enter the tube and harden the mascara faster then it normal would, making it go bad quicker.

Rule 2. Start applying your mascara at the roots, and wiggle and twist the wand/spoolie lightly all the way to the tips. This is going stop the mascara for clumping.

Rule 3. If you do see any clumps after, use a lash comb and clear ‘em up

Tip: I like using two Mascara when I’m applying mine; combos I like; 1 coat Lengthening Mascara/ 1 coat Thickening, or Thickening /Curling, you get my point lol

Applying Mascara to the Bottom Lashes@

Now I have two ways I like to apply to my bottom lashes and both work just fine.

1.        Using just the tip of the wand, I just slowly move it back and forth.
2.       I place the wand just under my lashes and blink a few times; this gives my lashes a nice natural look.

Tip: if you sometimes get mascara unto your eyeshadows, try holder a index card above you lashes/ place over your lid when your applying your mascara.

Removing Mascara

Take a fresh new disposable mascara wand/Spoolie and put eye makeup remover on to it, and apply it the same way I do mascara, this way I know I’m getting everything off. (I only use it for 2 days then toss it and replace it with a new one)

Black/Brown Mascara

Black Mascara
Peace n' Love<3