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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Blush 101

Hey Girls and Gents!

So this post is all about Blush, types of blush, how to pick it, and how to apply to your face shape, and all that fun stuff, i'm going to go over a lot of info here, so I’m not going to waste any more time and just jump right it, also please let me know if I left anything out or you just want to add something more, I love getting comments and emails for y'all, so don’t be shy!

Types of blush

Ø  Powder: powder works great for almost all skin types, and has the most color choices out there, and it’s the easiest to blend
Ø  Cream: is awesome for dry skin as its leaves a dewy finish and applies like a dream
Ø  Pencils: are great for the purse,  but they are best left for normal to dry skin
Ø  Gel & Cheek Tints: blending is a bit of a hassle, and it gives the skin a sheer color
Ø  Cream type powder: you apply it like cream but it dries lasting powder finish, best for dry skin
Ø  Pot Blush: is easy to blend and gives the skin a sheer color and works great
Ø  HD Blush: is great because you can use it for both Cheek and lips and it’s long lasting

Picking a color:

Blush is to highlight your cheeks, not to take away for it, always keep that in mind when shopping, and you won’t go wrong.

Don’t shy away from mixing more than one blush to make a stunning new shade

Ø  For my light skinned babies out there, light fresh colors work best and adds a soft look to the face, but don’t get for the oranges and tawny tones for some blog looks
Ø  For my Medium skinned vixens’, you can get away with a lot so don’t be afraid to try something another then pink,  also try added some gold shimmer, or eyeshadows to the apples of your checks to brighten your face and glow
Ø  For my lovely Dark skinned beauties, you may have to apply more product, but hey we can wear pretty much any color
Also peach tones work wonders for almost all skin tones, so if you still have issues finding a tone stay safe with peach tones.

Applying to your face shape:

Round: to thin the face, apply the brighter blush to the apples of your cheeks, Dust the contour shade below the cheekbone down to the chin line and blend. 

Square: to soften the angles, concentrate the brighter color at the apple, then brush it up and out to the temples to give your face a little lift. to round out your face, dust the contour shade from your chin to the middle of your ear along the underside of the cheekbone. 

Heart: to soften the chin, apply blush to the lower part of the apple. You can also use highlighter around the chin and along the jawbone. The highlighter will add more balance to your face.

Long: to widen the face, apply the brighter blush on the apples of you cheeks and extend toward the ear (not up the temple) to create the illusion of width. Dust the contour shade across the middle of the forehead (about a quarter of the way down from the hairline) and along your chin. 

Oval: to get a natural look, simply apply blush to the apples of your cheeks for a pretty

Peace n' Love<3