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Friday, November 23, 2012

Fashion Friday, Winter Combat Boots

Hey Girls & Gents!

Today Fashion Friday is about my new pair of combat boots, their pretty awesome, as you can wear them two ways, and their wicked warm, because they have this sweater like lining inside.

Wear it two ways

Love the blue zipper

  • Route 66 Women's True Fame Boot, From Kmart
  • Price: $34.99 Sale $29.99 with Coupon $20, Winning!

Here's the description I got from the site, haven't worn them in snow yet, but in rain they work just fine.

The low heel and durable sole on these Black Ankle Boots give you ample traction for walking through slush and snow. Plus, the knit cuff and lining will keep your feet and ankles warm and dry in any weather. Available in both medium and wide widths, these boots are the perfect all-terrain accessory.
  • Great in any weather, these black women's True Fame boots will keep your feet warm, dry and protected
  • The rugged look is softened by a knitted fold down cuff that attaches to the boot with a black strap and shiny silver button
  • A blue zipper on the back of this boot creates a snug fit and allows for easy removal
  • The low heel and durable sole provide ample traction for walking on ice and snow
  • Knit cuff and lining, coupled with higher cut, keep feet and ankles warm and dry in cold, wet winter weather
  • Available in both medium and wide widths
  • Suitable for walking and hiking in on any terrain

Peace n' Love<3