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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lazy Girl Post: DIY Makeup Remover

Hey Girls & Gents!

So I’m going to start a new category on my blog called Lazy Girl Post; it's where I post well... Lazy Girl Posts on a lot of different things. That is always easy to do.

First Lazy Girl Post...  DIY Makeup Remover

                                                  Things you’re going to Need:

Empty Bottles, these are 1oz ones from the Dollar store 3/$1

Extra-virgin olive oil, this is the brand I like around $6

Witch Hazel around $2 or $3 at most stores, I found my dollar store sell them now $1

Mix equal parts extra-virgin olive oil, Witch hazel & Shake!!! yup that's it. 

removes even the hardest of makeup fast and easy, and you're getting more product for your money, then when your buying makeup remover.

FYI: Shake before each use, like any other makeup remover!

Peace n' Love<3