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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Victoria's Secret Simmer Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

Hey Girls and Gents!

so the other day I went to the mall to pick up a few things I needed, and one of my stops was VS, after I picked up the items that I went there for, like always; I started browsing the store and some of their eyeshadows caught my eye.

now I've never bought any of their eyeshadows, so I didn't really know if they were any good or wroth buying, so after swatching a few of them, I thought why not buy one, and see if I like them.

so that brings me to this post, and if your like me and never tried their eyeshaodws hopefully this helps.

okay lets get started , and if you have tried their shadows, let me know if you like them and which ones are your favorites.

Eyeshadow in LUSH

No Primer or Base

No Primer or Base

What I got:
Victoria's Secret NEW! Shimmer Eyesahdow in Lush

The price:
$12, for 3.5g or .12oz of product

Hard shiny plastic black box, with a clear window the see the color, leaves fingerprints smudges easily 

Color payoff: 
it's a very pigmented Satinty Dark Forest Green with little Sliver Glitter. and lasted me all day 8am to 6pm with primer, haven't left it on longer then that. didn't crease on me, so that's a plus lol. 

Overall: 4/5

Peace n' Love<3