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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Accessorizing Your Hijab: (part 1) Headbands & Hijab

Hey Girls and Gents!

Today’s post is going to be a special post, because it’s a hijab series i'm going to be doing with my younger sister, mind you, she’s way more stylish then me, so be easy on me once you read/see hers lol here’s her link Click Here!

on how to style your hijab, with using all different types of thing you may have sitting around, that will add a little umph to your look.

One of the reasons why we wanted to do this post is to show you that you can wear hijab and still be very stylish doing it.

Headband I made

Now I’m going to let y’all know a little history behind our style, and where we got our inspirations from,  now believe it or not it’s from our Grandmother, Mother, and Aunt, who was rocking the headbands in the 70’s and still till this day have very original style, that’s always fun and easy (if I do say so myself)

I find that a lot of people think just because you wear hijab, you can’t be stylish, but thankfully, I've always had my grandmother, and mother who has always been more then clear about telling my sisters and myself, that wearing the hijab is for oneself, and nobody else, and always gave us the choice on wearing hijab or not, and I’m thankfully to Allah (God) that I’m a hijabi, and that God willing continues to be one.

Here’s a picture of the lovely lady who always wears the hijab with style below. aka my Mother

My Beautiful Mother, Love this woman more then anything!
So now let’s get to the fun stuff!!!

The first part of our series is on styling Hijabs with Headbands, this one is an easy style that anyone can do, so don’t be shy on trying new looks every day, and remember it’s only clothes; you can change ‘em, isn’t that half the fun anyway!

Here are two style types of headbands one ^^^^ that I’ll be styling with hijab and the other style type that my sister will be <<<<styling with hijab, both are very easy to style, so keep reading and enjoy!

After you check out both of ours, please let us know how you feel about ‘em and if you want to see more. Comment, Message or Tweet us!

Thin headbands, are great for that small break in color, texture or to get that pop of color

Medium headbands are wonderful for making them really part of your outfit, and color matching it to fit into your look, or try added a more contrasting color!

large headbands, are even a better statement piece, choosing a bold will really add a nice touch to your hijab

now these are really fun to play with, you can find lots of different style headbands with, glitter, patterns, feathers, flowers, and gems and jewels, they really will be like the icing on the cake with the right outfit.

a headband I made
Headband I made, and maybe i'll start selling them, who knows!

Tell us what’s your favorite look on here or what’s your favorite thing to style your hijab with, we’ll love know!

And don’t forget to check my sisters’ post on styling hijabs with headbands! Click Here!

Peace n' Love<3