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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lazy Girl Post: DIY Mixing Medium

Hey Girls and Gents!

Another easy post for y'all, that will help you save some cash.
Empty Bottles, these are 1oz ones from the Dollar store 3/$1 (Note: Theses little guys come in handy a lot, so if you see them for cheap, GET 'EM!, doesn't really matter if it's a spray, drip, or pump tip. mostly likely your going to be needing one of the 3 style tops)

Glycerin no more then $4  (I always but mines from Rite Aid)

Water (Bottled or filtered water is best, as it's the cleanest)

Mix one part Glycerin and 3 parts Water & Shake!!! yup that's it. 

FYI: Shake before each use, also remember to replace your mixing medium around every two weeks (I date mine, so I never forget). so it stays fresh and clean; it is being used on your Face.

Note: with that being said, it's best you only mix what your going to use in that time, so you don't waste product.

Peace n' Love<3