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Thursday, January 31, 2013

DIY Eyelash Growth Serum

Hey Girls and Gents!

So for the last four weeks, I've been doing a long “review” of a DIY Lash Growth Serum that I made; I've found the recipe on Pinterest (Follow me @HafsAR)

I know that a lot of companies already have them, but I really didn't want to shell out the money for ‘em, so that’s where trusty pinterest comes in to play, I've found a lot of recipes, but I went with the one that applied to me the most and went with that, another reason is that I already owned everything needed, so that was a no brainier for me.

I’ll post some of the recipes I've found below, and tell you which one I ended up making and using.

Comment below and let me know which DIY recipe you used or Serum you bought and tell me how it worked for you.

Anyway, it was easy to make and even easier to apply, just apply it like you would mascara, and that’s it! I applied it every night before going to bed, this way it could really soak into the lashes, and promote growth, and thickness.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Makeup Brush Guide 101 (Buying Them, Different Types & Cleaning)

Hey Girls and Gents!

I’m back, and it seems like I haven’t blogged in forever L I've been very busy lately, and haven’t had time to post anything in a while, but I’m back and hopefully this post makes up for it, and y’all can forgive me.

Warning!!! Long Post!!! But it’s all about brushes, so read lol

Today we’ll be talking about brushes; I know, I know I should have done this a while ago it seems, but for some reason I never did… yeah what’s wrong with me right!? Anyway with that being said, I’m going to hopefully give y’all some helpful information about ‘em (brushes that is, if you've forgotten what I’m talking about already lol)

Now there are tons of companies making ton and tons of types of brushes, some more useful than others, like most things in life; but I’m not going to talk about which companies to buy from or who makes the better brush and things like that, I’m going to try and just stick with the style, and type of brushes and their uses, also I’ll be talking about caring for your brushes and things like that, after that it’s up to y’all to pick which brushes you need, or just want to buy, but of course if you want to ask me a question about it, just comment, or email me!

Okay let’s get this brushing party started lol that’s my corny joke insert for the day… sorry, but not really
Since we all know money doesn't fall out of the sky or grow from trees, and nobody likes wasting their hard earned money, so here are something’s to know before shopping for brushes, this way it’s easier to weed through the cheap brushes before buying them, this way you won’t have to run back to the store to return them.

Tips for buying Brushes:

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Accessorizing Your Hijab: (part 6) Necklaces and Hijab

Hey Girls and Gents!

Part 6 of the (accessorizing your hijab series?) is upon us already, and that means; …This is the last post that we have planned for y’all in this series L  well it’s been fun sharing some of our hijab style tips with y’all. But who knows maybe we’ll add more later on down the road?

Hopefully y’all enjoyed reading the series as much as we had writing them, so without delaying it farther, I guess I’ll get to our last post.

This post is about using necklaces for added a little glam to your hijab look, its super easy to do, and all you need is a cute Necklace and some Straight Pins to hold it in place. Yes it’s that easy, and the best part is that you can pretty much use any type of necklace you may already have.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

DIY Nail Polish Rack Take #2

Hey Girls and Gents!

A New Year means A New Nail Polish Rack, I’m sure y'all have seen my old polish rack that I made from foam boards, and some hot glue. That everyone has lol

But I found that after some time, and after added more polish to my racks, it couldn’t stand hold up to all the weight of the polishes. So there went that rack to my younger sister who cut and rebuilt in into a mini polish rack, that works great for her small polish collection.

Accessorizing Your Hijab: (part 5) Earrings, Charms, Brooches and Feather OH MY!

Hey Girls and Gents!

Happy New Year Everyone, we made it to another year! Yay!

So I’m going to start off the new year with part 5 of accessorizing your hijab series.

We are going to hopefully show y’all some fun, cute, and easy ways to style up your hijab, in a pinch; using things you might have sitting around your jewelry box.