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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Accessorizing Your Hijab: (part 6) Necklaces and Hijab

Hey Girls and Gents!

Part 6 of the (accessorizing your hijab series?) is upon us already, and that means; …This is the last post that we have planned for y’all in this series L  well it’s been fun sharing some of our hijab style tips with y’all. But who knows maybe we’ll add more later on down the road?

Hopefully y’all enjoyed reading the series as much as we had writing them, so without delaying it farther, I guess I’ll get to our last post.

This post is about using necklaces for added a little glam to your hijab look, its super easy to do, and all you need is a cute Necklace and some Straight Pins to hold it in place. Yes it’s that easy, and the best part is that you can pretty much use any type of necklace you may already have.

All I do is pin my hijab like I always do, then lay the necklaces where I want it on top, and pin it down using some straight pins, easy as eating pie!

Don’t forget to check out my sisters’ post on Agla, and styling it with Hijab, she’s taking an old male accessory and using it to dress up your hijab, genius right! (link here)

Peace n' Love<3