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Thursday, January 3, 2013

DIY Nail Polish Rack Take #2

Hey Girls and Gents!

A New Year means A New Nail Polish Rack, I’m sure y'all have seen my old polish rack that I made from foam boards, and some hot glue. That everyone has lol

But I found that after some time, and after added more polish to my racks, it couldn’t stand hold up to all the weight of the polishes. So there went that rack to my younger sister who cut and rebuilt in into a mini polish rack, that works great for her small polish collection.

So for about two months my polishes where living in a old Sephora box, under my bed, and let me tell you it was no fun, looking for a color when all of them was in one box, it was becoming a nightmare for sure, and I started hating doing my nails.

Anyway enough with the said story, the pass is in the pass lol

My sisters, mother and I went to Savers last Friday and one of my younger sisters and I went to furniture section, since we weren't looking for anything really that day and was just walking around the store.

When we saw an old dresser drawer, anyway after asking what the others thought about the size and if my polishes would fit, I went ahead and got it. Thinking that I could have my older brother re-purposes it and build me some stair case style shelf or something like that since all it had was 5 shelves, that was kind of deep.

Anyway all we day was stand the drawer vertical, making it look more like a tower, remove the handles and hardware, and then my brother cut me some blocks of wood we had laying around, and I painted them white. Yeah that’s about it, a new polish rack only for $4.99.

Really you can’t beat that, and it’s wood, so you don’t have to worry about the weight of my polishes, overall I’m happy about it and just wanted to share this with y’all.

Recycling really is the best way!

This helps me to pick my Color, Polish Color Wheel


Peace n' Love<3