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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Makeup Brush Guide 101 (Buying Them, Different Types & Cleaning)

Hey Girls and Gents!

I’m back, and it seems like I haven’t blogged in forever L I've been very busy lately, and haven’t had time to post anything in a while, but I’m back and hopefully this post makes up for it, and y’all can forgive me.

Warning!!! Long Post!!! But it’s all about brushes, so read lol

Today we’ll be talking about brushes; I know, I know I should have done this a while ago it seems, but for some reason I never did… yeah what’s wrong with me right!? Anyway with that being said, I’m going to hopefully give y’all some helpful information about ‘em (brushes that is, if you've forgotten what I’m talking about already lol)

Now there are tons of companies making ton and tons of types of brushes, some more useful than others, like most things in life; but I’m not going to talk about which companies to buy from or who makes the better brush and things like that, I’m going to try and just stick with the style, and type of brushes and their uses, also I’ll be talking about caring for your brushes and things like that, after that it’s up to y’all to pick which brushes you need, or just want to buy, but of course if you want to ask me a question about it, just comment, or email me!

Okay let’s get this brushing party started lol that’s my corny joke insert for the day… sorry, but not really
Since we all know money doesn't fall out of the sky or grow from trees, and nobody likes wasting their hard earned money, so here are something’s to know before shopping for brushes, this way it’s easier to weed through the cheap brushes before buying them, this way you won’t have to run back to the store to return them.

Tips for buying Brushes:

Now I always use these tips before buying my brushes, I don’t care if its name brand, drugstore, or dollar store, I always follows these easy rules.

·         Slightly manhandle the brush, lol yes I just said that. Always make sure the bristles are firmly put together in the handle, crap. Not “cheap” brushes will shed out of the base more often then not, often because they just glue them into place and that’s it, “good” brushes have better staying power due to how they fold the bristles and glue and pinch them into place. But like all things, nothing is made perfect and sometime you will get some shedding, but not as much as a cheaply made brush, and that’s for sure.

·         Really feel the texture of the brush; brush it over the back of your hands, is it rough, itchy? Remember if it’s rough on your hand then it’s going to be even more so on your face and nobody wants that, trust me.

·         Hold the brush and play pretend as if your putting on makeup, (yes right in the middle of the store, have some fun when you shop I know I always do) see how it feels in your hand, is the handle to long for you or is it too short, you won’t apply good makeup if you can’t control the brushes you used.

What are Brushes made from?

Now brushes are mostly put into two sometimes three classes, but I’m sure that their tons more out there that I don’t know of, so forgive me if I left anything out, and comment below and let me know, there is always room to learn.

1.       Synthetic Brushes, are often made with nylon, or takelon, and are best used for liquid, cream, and moist makeup products.

2.       Natural Hair Brushes, are often made from pony, goat, squirrel, and sometimes sable hairs, and are best used for dryer makeup products

3.       And they also have mixed Brushes, which are made up of Natural and Synthetic Blend

Brush Guide:
Okay once again I’m going to straight out and tell you, this is going to be a long topic, but hopefully it will be easier if I break it up in to three parts, Face, Eyes, &  Lips Brushes; this way y’all can skip to the part y’all want to read about.
Okay first up…

Face Brushes:

·         Concealer Brush:  You’re going to want to have one, with a density that is tight, it will make spreading the product better, and really cover things up
·         Foundation Brush:  Now there are tons of different brushes for foundation, Tapered, Pointed, Flat, Dome, Angled, blending Sponges, and many more. But whichever one you choice always look for one that’s, high density and the bristle tight, is will help the product apply like a dream.
·         Large Face Powder Brush: Loose density, used to dust products over the face and body, like finishing powders/ translucent, and shimmers.
·         Face Powder Brush: Medium density, for applying loose or pressed powders
·         Kabuki: Medium To tight density, best used for blending in face powders for a polished finished look
·         Face Blending Brush: , Medium to tight density is works best, used after you applied all your face products, to blend everything nicely together to give the face a polished, airbrushed look
·         Stippling Brush:  Medium to tight density, used for light powders, liquid, or cream products, it gives the face a nice airbrushed look
·         Blush Brush: There are also crap load of blush brushes, Rounded, Angled, and plenty more, (Picking a brushes sometimes are a pain but hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do lol) anyway Medium density is best when picking them out.
·         Bronzer Brush: thicker and fuller then a blush brush, and density is key
·         Flat Top Brushes: Used for contouring your face, Medium to tight density is works best
Eye Brushes:
This is going to get crazy, if I don’t keep it in check from the start, so I’m going to cut it short, and talk about gotta have eye brushes. (For me that is)
·         Brow/ Lash Comb: used for both eyelashes and brows, it helps you smooth brows and move them in to place, also used to comb out clumps of mascara from your lashes
·         Angled Brow Brush: Tight density, used for filling out your brows, and shaping them, also used to blend out penciled in brows to soften the lines
·         All-Over Lid Brush:  Loose or tight density, Loose; used for sheer/medium color placing, Tight; used to pack on color
·         Shading Brush: Medium to tight density, used for the crease, or lower lash-line
·         Blending Brush: Loose density, used to blend out harsh lines, and blend shadows together, making to eyeshadows more appalling
·         Eyeliner Brush: varies in density, and needs, Fine-tipped liner brush; used for precise lines, Angled liner brush; used for cat eyes and powders liners
·         Smudge Brush:  used to get that Smokey eye.

Lip Brushes:

·         Lip Brush:  A flat brush, with pointed tip (I don’t really use them a lot on myself, shame on me I know)

Cleaning your Brushes:

How often should you clean your brushes? Well how often do you use them?

I spot clean mine after I use them with a daily Brush Cleaner, and deep clean them once a week with Shampoo.

How do you clean makeup brushes?

1.       With a clean bowl, fill with warm water, and mild shampoo (baby shampoo works good, but sometimes I like using my clarifying shampoo if I feel like it needs a little more cleaning, I do this maybe once a month, not often as I don’t want to dry out my brushes)

2.       with the brush facing downward into the bowl, swish around, note: don’t dip the metal part into the water
3.       rinse in a bowl of clean warm water, and gently squeeze out water

4.       lay to brushes flat on clean towel with bristles hanging off, and let dry

woohoo! that was a long post, hopefully it helps someone out there some, let me know what you think, Comment, Email or tweet me @HafsAR

Peace n' Love<3