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Monday, February 11, 2013

DIY Sunglasses Holder/Storage

Hey Girl & Gents!

So I've been slowly cleaning out and organizing my closet, and going through my jewelry, my bags and my accessories and things like that, and I don’t really know how I haven’t realized after all these years that the way I store my sunglasses are a pain in the butty, like I've notice it, but just haven’t really took the time to do anything about it.

So today around 2am, I was like hey let’s do something about this mess! So like always, I google some DIY sunglasses storage, and came across an idea I liked

It’s wicked easy to, and all you need is:

·         Foam board or project board
·         Gift wrapping paper
·         Ribbon
·         Box cutter
·         Scissors
·         Stapler
·         Tape 

Once you have gotten your items out;
1.       Place your Sunglasses or Fashion Glasses onto the your board, to see how big of a board you’re going to need
2.       Then cut to size
3.       Take you wrapping paper and cut to size also, taping it to your board
4.       Cut your ribbon so it’s long enough to wrap around your board, leaving some ribbon to spare
5.       Lay your ribbon over your board and staple to the board, staples facing the back
6.       Tape the staples down (I like making it a little bit stronger)
7.       Then cut a small piece of ribbon, staple and tape down to make a hanging rope
And you’re ready to go!

Peace n' Love<3