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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Updated...My Hijab & Scarf Storage

Hey Girls and Gents!

I'm back with another DIY; this one is for your Hijabs or Scarves, whatever it is you want to call them.

Now,  let me start of and tell you I didn't build this myself, I had my older brother do it, as I suck with power tools, and really why build it myself if I can just be a slave driver and have him do it for me lol

let me know how you store yours, I like seeing things like that... i'm a weirdo I know.

anyway enjoy!

My New Hijab /Scarf Rack

Thumbs up for a job well done, (My Brothers Arm)

It swings up for easy access!
Side View, when it's lifted up
I'm in love with it m'A
Peace n' Love<3