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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Outfit of the Day (OOTD) Graduations & the colors Red and Gold

Hey Girls and Gents!

This past Saturday, was my youngest brothers high school graduation, didn’t really know what to wear, and since red is his favorite colors I went with something in the red family, it also helps that the school colors have red in it!

Enjoy some pictures from the night!


What I'm wearing:
A Black Tank Top Dress, with a Long Sleeve Maroon Shirt underneath, to make the look more “party” like I paired it was a Black Hijab that had Gold Flower Details, and stepped into my Gold Glitter Wedges.
So Proud of Him!
Giving his speech, he had everyone laughing
This picture says it all, he is such a clown
My baby brother and me, even with 5inc heels & him bending down,
he's still taller than me smh
The younger sister and me

Peace n' Love<3