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Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Tips for Ramadan, and my Ramadan Routine 2013

Hey Girls and Gents!

I know its kinda late in the game, like half way through Ramadan kinda late, but… Ramadan Mubarak! Better late than never right?!


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful (In Arabic)
written on the dome of my Masjid
The prayer area in my Masjid
Anyway I've been really out of it since Ramadan started, I’ve had like zero energy most days, and when I do get a little power up charge, I’ve been trying to use it for things like; reading Qur’an, Praying, Helping out around the house, and making lots of Du’a, and then some more Praying etc . You get the idea right. 

Ramadan is a month with tons of blessings, and it’s a great opportunity to better oneself, and recharge your Iman (Faith), and since it’s only once a year, and you never know if you're going to make it to the following year. I always try my best to get the most out of it.

Fasting this year has been a lot easier than I thought it would be, what with it being so hot out, but Alhamdulillah (Praise to God) it’s been moving by fast with ease, but you still have to keep a few things in mind, to help you throughout the day, and to help make it a little bit easier and smoother for yourself.

Here are some of my Tips to help you through Ramadan; also I'll let you have a peek at what most of my days in Ramadan are like.

Question? Have you ever fasted before, and if so what do you do to help you throughout the day?
And if you haven’t would you ever try it, why or why not? 

My Suhoor (Eggs & Pancakes)
My Ramadan Tips:

•Drink Water! Drink lots and lots of it at Suhoor (the meal you eat before starting your fast, before sunrise) and Iftar (the meal you eat after to break your fast, at sunset); since it’s summer and the days are longer most likely you'll be fasting 17 or more hours each day, so you'll want to keep yourself hydrated and healthy and your body will thank you for it, trust me.

•Eat Suhoor People, its Sunnah (Practices of Muhammad (saw)) and it helps you throughout the day.

•Eat a healthy Iftar, sometimes our eyes are bigger than our stomachs (you know what I'm talking about). Also break you fast with some Dates and Water, it’s also Sunnah.

•Eat lots of health foods; Fruits, Veggies, Protein etc.

•Try and stay away from junk food, it’s just going to slow you down (I'm still working on this, but the days when I haven't had any junk food, I feel a lot better and more active)

Sleep. The best time is between the  Dhuhr and Asr Salat (Prayer) it’s also Suunah

•Try and keep busy, but keep it somewhat light, so you don't tire yourself out.

•Exercise when you can

•But most of all, Try and Read Qur’an, Pray, Help others, make Du’a (Supplication), give Zakat (Charity) and give Gifts, Smile, and lots of other Good Deeds, that are going to please your Lord.

Reading Qur'an! 

My Daily Ramadan Routine:

•2:40 am  Make & Eat Suhoor (Eggs/Waffles or Pancakes/Fruit & Water)
•4:01 am Pray Fajr  & Read Qur’an, Sleep right after
•9:00 am  Shower, Read Qur’an, Feed Turtles
•12:57pm Pray Dhuhr, Napping. (sometimes going out to some stores or a friends, until Asr)
•4:56 pm Pray Asr, Prepare Iftar (Dinner) if it’s Wednesday, as that’s my cook day.
•6:00 pm Swimming (only on Saturdays’)
•7:00 pm Shower
•7:45 pm Iftar at the Masjid (Place of worship) (Saturday Dinners, are the only ones I attend there)
•8:18 pm Breakfast, Pray Maghrib, Iftar
•9:20 pm Masjid for Isha’aTaraweeh Prayer
•11:00 pm Home, Shower, and most nights I stay up with my family until Suhoor

•Note: Since I freelance, my work schedule is up to me, so I make it fit around my life! Alhamdulillah

So that’s about what my life is like during Ramadan. Until next time…

Peace n' Love<3