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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Camping Beauty Tips & Essentials

Hey Girls and Gents!

So this weekend is my families annual camping trip, I know it’s kind of late in the summer to post about camping but; who follows rules anyway?

Now I’m not sure if this happens to anyone else but me, but during camping more often than not my beauty routine is pretty much gone and out the door, and I’m almost always bare faced, yup no makeup at all, even though I always bring some with me, I always “forget” to apply it.

Now at the time it always and mean always seems like a good idea, thinking “hey who cares I'm camping!” “I’m going to be one with nature!”

And you know what always happens the minute I'm on the road back home, heading back into the real world and going through my beautiful pictures of me standing in front of awesome mother nature at the beach, standing in front of a beautiful sunrise/sunset, hiking up the mountain to take that great picture looking out, with me standing front row and center…

and looking cray cray and slight dirty and I never end up posting the pictures with me in them.

trying to hide my face lol
So here’s a few that I think every girl should bring with them, so when you're taking that great nature shot with you in it, you won't be horrified to post it up and show off to all your buddies.

Question: Have you ever been camping?

 Camping Beauty Tips:
·         Use the Makeup you Bring!!!
·         Keep it Minimal
·         Keep it Clean (place everything in a neat clean washable bag, Ziplock works fine, and always but it right back in when done using it)
·         Keep it Natural (don’t won’t to look over done in the middle of the woods, its’ not a photo-shoot, or is it?)
·         Keep it Easy (you’re going to want to spend your time enjoying nature, not worrying about your make makeup)
·         Keep Nails Short (nothing like a broken nail while camping, save yourself the trouble and file them low beforehand)

Camping Beauty Essentials:
·         Concealer
·         SPF Tinted Moisturizer
·         Waterproof Mascara (can be used from Brows also)
·         Tinted Lip Blam
·         ChapStick
·         Auto Eyeliner (can be used from Brows also)
·         Foundation Makeup Sponges (bring a few, toss after each day)
·         Compact Mirror
·         Makeup Remover Wipes
·         Hand Sanitizer
·         Blotting Paper
·         Eye Drops (the smoke from the fire, turns my eyes red)

Does this rock look sad to you?

Peace n' Love<3