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Saturday, September 28, 2013

When To Toss Your Makeup and Sanitation

Hey my little cubs, how is everyone doing!

So even though this question has been asked and answered more times than I can count, and anyone can simply Google it and it pops up everywhere, I still get asked this question quite often from both my clients, and family/friends alike.

Does makeup have an expiration date?
When should I toss my makeup?
When does makeup go bad?
How can I tell if it’s bad?
How can I keep my makeup clean and make it last longer?

Monday, September 23, 2013

How To Shop Like A Pro

How To Shop Like A Pro

The Do and Don’t of shopping like a Pro…

Hey my little cubs!

How is everyone doing? Okay so where do I even start with this topic; It’s so much to cover and I’m sure everyone has their own tips and tricks on how to shop like a “pro”; but today I’ll be sharing with y’all some of mines, and if you have any tips or tricks, comment below and share with us, or Tweet/Instagram me @Hafsar

But before I start I want y’all to remember, that no matter the amount of clothes you own, how much it cost, the style you like, or the size you wear… always remember beauty starts from within.

Okay so let’s start off with a fun fact, did you know that…? We wear 20% percent of our wardrobe 80% percent of the time.