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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Castor Oil 101 & Ways To Use It (for Hair)

Hey Girls & Guys

So this post is all about the benefits of using Castor Oil for your hair, and some of my favorite ways to use it. a readers asked about it, so hopefully this helps some, also if y’all have any questions feel free to ask me Via: Comment below, Email: , Twitter/Kik: @HafsAR

What is Castor Oil?
In a nutshell; Castor Oil is a vegetable oil, it comes from the seeds of the castor plant. It’s from is liquid, it’s colorless to light pale yellow; it has little to no odor. It’s in foods products, used as a laxative, and is in many hair and skin care products.

Question: Have you ever used castor oil?

My DIY Hair Conditioner Recipe Below
Benefits of using Castor Oil
·         Adds Shine to the hair (when used with conditioners, or used like an hot oil treatment weekly)
·         Improves Scalp Circulation (Which stimulates Hair Growth)
·         Promotes Hair Growth
·         Helps to Thickening hair
·         Prevents Hair loss
·         Controls Split Ends & Hair Breakage (Mixing it with olive oil or jojoba oil helps you to  distribute easier and evenly to hair when applying)
·         Helps Seal in moisture (apply after moisturizing hair with a water-based product)
·         Helps treat Dry Scalp & Dandruff (apply directly to dry areas before washing)
·         Conditions and moisturizes Hair

Some of my favorite ways to use Castor Oil:
·         Right from the bottle (applying it to target areas)
·         Like an Hot oil treatment
·         For locking in moisture (use after applying water based products)
·         To treat Dry Scalp & Dandruff (apply right on problem areas, let sit for are (3-5 minutes) then wash)
·         Using it in a leave-in conditioner mix (My Recipe Below)
·         You can also find products at beauty stores containing castor oil, but making your own is easy enough and cheaper, that will last longer.

My leave-in conditioner recipe
(My sisters and I use this mixture about every other day or so, and you can use it on wet or dry hair.)
·         2 parts of your favorite conditioner (main mixing captained, helps conditions)
·         1 part Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Moistures, adds Shine, prevents Frizzy hair, & Softens Hair, helps with Dandruff)
·         1 tbs of Castor Oil (if mixing in a 10oz bottle) (Benefits listed above)
·         ½ tbs Vitamin E (if mixing in a 10oz bottle) (stimulates Growth, prevents premature Graying, adds Shine, Repair split ends)
·         2 tbs Aloe Vera Gel (if mixing in a 10oz bottle) (helps hair growth, Detangles, reduces Dandruff, moisturizes (note: it also defines curls, acting as a hair gel if using alone, a health choice then hair gel)

Peace and Love <3