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Thursday, February 6, 2014

H&M Nail Polish Review

Hey guys!

So if you shop at H&M you already know they have been having some pretty awesome items on sale and clearance; that’s been going on for a few weeks now.  With deals like buy 2 get 1 free,  or 30-40% off items, and as the weeks went by; even better deals… like Scarves for $2.50 (and as a Hijabi that’s pretty much winning the lottery for us!)

 Also they have or had (check your H&M) some great deals on fall/winter clothing and random item, like Bags, Shoes, Jewelry, Makeup, and cute tech things; deals like 50% off  on already sale prices, buy 1 get 1 free, and $1.00/0.50 cent makeup items.

Anyway the point of this post is, that I have never ever tried their Nail Polish, and since they were 0.50 cents each, I picked up a few to play with and try out. I also wanted to get a range of colors and finishes. So I picked up 9 bottles.

Their Regular Price for their Nail Polishes is $4.95 for 0.3fl oz /9mL of product.

Colors I picked up; Come Along with me (Blue), Manhunter (Black), Samba (Orangy Simmer), Red Nail(Red) Which I posted a picture of on Instagram via: HafsAR, Purple Mist (Pale Purple), Khaki Madness (Simmer/Matel Green), Pink Mist (Whitish Pink) , Pinkastic (Simmery/Glittery Pink), & Peachy Girl (Peach Simmery)

Left to Right
Khaki Madness, Samba, Pink Mist, Come Along With Me, Manhunter, Red Nail, Peachy Girl, Pinkastic, Purple Mist

·         They have a great range of colors
·         Brush is a normal size for a polishes, that a lot of polishes have
·         Bottle is very cute, and reminds me of Butter London Polishes
·         Out of the 9 polishes I bought, only two needed 3 coats. So 7/9 isn’t bad
·         The other 7 were very pigmented and bright
·         Sale Price was more than great
·         Lasted around 3 days before I saw chipping (with me doing damaged to my nails, via; cleaning, dishes, cooking,  hair)

·         It’s a pretty solid nail polish, but I wouldn't buy it, for its regular price, as I feel there are better polishes for the same price or cheaper.
·         Like a lot of brands, you have some pigmented and other not so much, depending on the color

Note: if anyone wants me to do swatches, comment below, and let me know!

Overall Rating:  4.5/5

Peace and Love <3