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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lazy Girl Post: DIY Setting Spray

Today I have an easy Beauty DIY recipe, that I think everyone should know about, and it’s about how to make your own Setting Spray; and making it with less than a handful of ingredients, that you most likely already have in your house. But no worries if you don’t, all ingredients are easy to find, and buy at almost all stores.

Now there are tons of ways to make a setting spray, but I’m going to show you the one I like best, and that works for me.

Also if end up making some, let know below, or tag me VIA: @HafsAR on Instagram/Twitter.

What is Setting Spray?

Setting Spray or Finishing Spray is liquid product designed to help preserve already applied makeup, keeping it looking fresh for longer periods of time. Setting spray is applied by spritzing the product over the face, keeping the make-up application fresh for several hours longer then normal.

What you will need:

·         Spray Bottle
·         Label
·         Distilled Water (unopened water) or Rosewater (if you have redness in the skin)
·         Witch Hazel
·         Lemon Essential Oil  (Optional) (Lemon is great for Oily Skin, Like mine)

How to make it:

·         Take a new/clean Spray Bottle (I buy mine at the dollar store, for 3 for $1.00)
·         Pour 1 part Water or Rosewater in Bottle
·         And then pour 1 part Witch Hazel in bottle
·         If your adding the lemon (only add a few drops, or how much your skin can handle)
·         Shake Well

How to Use it:

Shake before each use. I use mine before applying my makeup and after, also it’s works much like a face toner, and refresher, so you can use it pretty much anytime you want.

Question: What’s your favorite Setting Spray, if you tried any?

Peace and Love <3