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Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Cleaning Beauty Edition!

So I've been pretty busy for the last two days with Cleaning and Re-Organizing pretty much everything I own, I guess you could call it “Spring Cleaning” but… I pretty much do this at every turn of the season, or when I think things are getting messy, or just when I’m feeling to need to.

I like things organized and easy to get to at any point in time, so I thought why not show and tell y’all how I go about cleaning out things, and some tips on organizing.

It’s going to be a two part post; first I’m going to cover Beauty Products; Skin care, Makeup, and Hair Products. And the next is going to be my Closet; Clothes, Shoes, Hijabs and Bags.

I've also already done a Jewelry Storage post awhile back, so if you want to check it out Click Here!

Anyway I think it’s a pretty easy process, which goes pretty fast, and doesn't take me more than an hour to do, but of course it also depends on how much beauty products you have. Okay enough talking, let’s get to it!

The Clean Out: these two rules apply to all three catalogers; Skin Care, Makeup, and Hair Product.

1.       Trash everything that’s has expired (Safety always comes first, no matter what)
2.       Give Away anything that doesn't work for you, and anything you don’t like, or you know you’re never going to use, it’s just going to waste space, and add clutter (and a family member or friend might like it, even if you didn't. we all know the saying  ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’)

Side note: with makeup make sure to clean and sanitize everything before giving away, don’t know how Click Here!

After that’s done, we’re moving on to organizing…

Take into Mind: that this is going to be different for each person, because A) not everyone has the same type of space to work with, B.) Not everybody’s brain works the same way when organizing, or when their reaching for things. But here’s just a few of my favorite ways, and always do what make sense and that’s easier for you. (There’s no point in doing it my way if it doesn't make sense for you)

Skin Care Organizing:
·         Groups; put everything into groups; store cleaners with cleaners, toners with toners (this way is great for when you have different brands for each type of products)
·         Brands; storing all products by brand, if you’re the type of person who buys sets/kits from brands this way my makes it easy for you when looking for something
·         Season; if you have different type of products for different season, and know you’re only going to use during a set season, move all the winter products to the back when it’s summer, and vice verse.
·         Placement; now for me this is one of the most important things, as I find myself using items more often when it’s easier to reach and grab, so if you can, place it by the bathroom sink or in the shower (whichever place you know that you’ll most likely reach for it) another idea if you can’t place it in the bathroom area, if your sharing a bathroom like myself, I find it easier to keep items in shower ready caddy (dorm style lol, it’s easy to grab and tote to the bathroom)

Makeup Organizing:
·         Step by Step; put everything into groups as you apply them; primer with primer, foundation with foundation (I leave out the things I use daily on top, as it’s easier to reach. this is how I organize my vanity)
·         Brands; organizing everything by brand, looks nice and reminds me of shopping at a beauty store
·         Price; putting all the drug store products together, and putting the high end products together

Hair Products Organizing:
·         Groups; put everything into groups; heat protectors with heat protectors, leave it conditioners with leave it conditioners (this way is great for when you have different brands for each type of products)
·         When; this is just another way to group things, like for use with dry hair or use with wet hair
·         Brands;  looks nice and pretty

Hopefully this help some, and I’ll love to know how you Clean and Organize things I’m always looking for new ways, so feel free to share!

Peace and Love <3