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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Cleaning Clothing Edition!

Hey Y’all

So here’s part two of my “spring cleaning” posts, the first post was the Beauty Edition, that covered how I clean and organize my skin care, makeup, and hair products, so if you haven’t read that one go right ahead and Click Here!

Now this post is going to be about how I clean out & organize my clothes, shoes, and bags,  now I’m not going to talk about how I organize my Hijab/Scarves as I've already posted about it, so if you want to check that out Click Here! But if you still want more detail on it, let me know!

Okay now onward with the post…

The Clean Out:

Now this is probably one of the hardest parts for some of us, when going though our Clothes, Shoes, & Bags, but in the long run it’s worth it and it will make getting dressed a lot easier, and save you some space.

Step 1; Try it on; you’re going to want to take out each pieces of clothing, and try them on (while wearing a bra that fits and holds up the twins good), while being honest with yourself when looking in the mirror, ask yourself theses questions. Does it fit me? Does it look good on me? Will I ever even wear it again? Now this is where the next step comes into play.

Step 2; Sorting; once you’re tried on all your pieces of clothing and shoes, now sort them into palls; here are some piles I like to make…

·         Special Items; this are items, that you may never wear, but has meaning to you, like an item that your grandmother passed down to you, or a jersey that your favorite player signed, and things that holds a place in your heart (I’ll never tell anyone to give or trash things like that)
·         Keep; these are items that fit you how it’s supposed to, that you like and will wear again, and that makes you feel and look your best.
·         Fix; this are pieces that you love, but maybe needs a little bit of TLC like, maybe it’s a small rip on your favorite skirt, or you need to re-hem a pair of slacks, or maybe even something as easy as sewing the button back on that blazer you always wear but always forget to fix. (I like to put a post-it on the hangers, and fix it within a week of cleaning out my closet, this way, every time I open my closet I’ll see the note to remind me to fix it)
·         Re-purpose; sadly enough sometimes clothes can’t be saved, but often with that they can still be use to make something and new and fun, like making an old favorite t-shirt into a shopping tote, or a winter fringe scarf (I highly recommend looking on Pinterest for ideas)
·         Give Away; any and everything, that you know that doesn't fit you, look good on you, or it’s just not your style anymore (family and friends are always great options for this, or give to a charity) Note: never give away bad items, that’s in a poor state!
·         Trash; everything that’s beyond repair!


Take into Mind: once again take into mind, that this is going to be different for each person, because A. not everyone has the same type of space to work with, B. Not everybody’s brain works the same way when organizing, or when their reaching for things. But this is what works best for me, with that said always do what makes sense and that’s easier for you. (There’s no point in doing it my way if it doesn't make work for you)


I have a medium sized closet, that works well for the amount of clothing I have, I've also added two selves for a little bit more storage, and all the way in the back of my closet is another shelves that holds overnight bags, that I don’t need on a daily basis, also I have a three drawer rolling storage bin that I hold my items I don’t hang, it’s very basic but it works very well for my needs.

Anyway here are some ways I tried and used when organizing my clothes

·         Color; organizing and hanging items in colors. The way I've use it was dark to light and within that from short too long. (this way looks nice and pretty, and makes matching outfits a breeze)
·         Season;  it’s pretty easy, as all you have to do it, place whichever season you’re in to the front for easy access (but it can be a headache if you live in place like New England as the weather changes from day to day, but if you don’t then go ahead, so sadly this didn't work all that good for me)
·         Groups;  this is the way I currently have it organizing, pants with pants, blazers with blazers, I think you get the idea, anyway I've had it this way for around eight months now, and its working pretty well for me.

Tips on how I get the most out of my closet…

1.       Having the same hangers will make your clothing move better on the poll. every once in while you’re going to have a different style hanger, because an item called for it (I got all the same hangers, but played around with it by getting them in different colors)
2.       Start off having all your hangers facing outward, and when your wear it place it back inward. After around 6 months, see which pieces are still facing outward, and you’ll see which items you don’t wear, and I like to do one of these with each item, A. Start to incorporate it in my everyday outfits. B. Give it Away
3.       Hang and place scented dryer place in your closet/drawers to help with static and make your closet smell fresh and clean (change as often as needed)
4.        Don’t hang coats/jackets on closet polls, hang them on hooks or fold them and place them on shelves (they take up way to make room!)
5.       Break up pre-made suits and outfits, so you remember you can wear them with other pieces


Now there are plenty of ways to store shoes like… bins, boxes, shelves, over the doors holders and the list goes on. But once again I like seeing my things as I find I like the way it looks, and it makes getting dress fun and easier to do, I don’t like having to searching for things, or opening/digging through boxes.

Now they way I store/organize my shoes my not work for you, or you may just don’t like doing it this way, but I like it and it works for me so yeah.

Anyway I used an old bookshelf we had laying in the basement, and just added some more shelves from another bookshelf I had, I still haven’t totally finished it, as I plan on maybe painting it or something.


Now I used to have tons and tons of bags, but thankfully I went through them and gave lots of them to my younger sisters, who will get more use out of them than I would.

I also used the top two shelves of my shoe rack to hold and store my bags, as it looks nice and I can see everything at a glance, the only bags I don’t have on the shelves are my totes and wallets as I have them all stored in one tote that hangs inside my closet.

Well that’s the end of this two part post, hopefully this was helpfully, and I’ll love to hear/see how you clean and organize your clothes, makeup and things like that.

Peace and Love <3