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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ramadan Mubarak! My Ramadan Tips & Routine 2014

Ramadan Mubarak Everyone! I hope everyone’s Ramadan is going good so far.

As some of you may know last year I posted my Ramadan Routine, with some tips on how I stay  cool  during  Ramadan in the summer, and I just wanted to do an updated post.

As we all know fasting in the summer months can be a buzz kill, with having to cut out our BBQ’s, drinking smoothies, and going for ice cream runs during the day. But in the end it’s so worth it, and Insha’Allah  all our efforts will be accepted.

Now I’m not going to lie and say it’s easy fasting in the summer, as I always start of feeling lazy during the day and totally drained of any type of drive to do anything, but about 2-3 days into Ramadan I always seem to get my routine going and keep my energy levels up, and hopefully with some of these tips, so will you.

So here are my Ramadan Tips:

·         Water! Drinking water instead of sugary drinks will keep you hydrated a lot longer than anything else. Drinking it during Suhoor and at Iftar, and all during the night will keep your body happy and health, trust me
·         Suhoor! Don’t skip out of eating Suhoor because your sleepy, get your booty up and eat at least a little something, your body needs it, and it’s Sunnah (tip; it’s not about how much you eat, it’s about what you eat, getting a meal that’s has more protein in better in the longer run, then eating a big meal or sugar, with little to no protein)
·         Iftar! Start of slow, with Dates and Water (it’s also Sunnah) then pray and eat your meal, over a few days of fasting your eyes will become bigger than your stomach
·         Try to eat eating as health as you can, and drink lots of water
·         Sleep! At some point your body will tell you it’s time for a nap, and if  you can try sleeping between Dhuhr and Asr as it’s Sunnah, so it’s a win, win thing lol
·         If you Exercise, try not too during the day, but doing it an hour before Iftar ( so you won’t get sick) or sometime during the night when you’re not fasting
·         Try and keep yourself busy with little lightweight tasks, to help past the day
·         But most of all Read Qur’an, and Pray more, give Zakat, Smile, Help others, and increase in doing good deeds, as we all know Ramadan is full of blessing, and as I like to call it “a month full of double Jeopardy”

No my daily routine changes depending if it’s the weekday or the weekend, with the weekend being a little bit more busy then the weekday, also I’m just going to do it hourly, but you’ll still get the idea lol 

My Routine:
·         2am; Preparing my Suhoor, and eating
·         3am; Reading Qur’an, until Faj. Then back to sleep.
·         11am/12; I’m just getting up a getting ready for the day
·         1pm; Dhuhr
·         2pm;  you’ll most likely find me sitting outside reading Qur’an or Napping
·         4pm; Asr, and then doing one these; Cleaning, Planning my Islamic youth group event of the week, or doing things for the blog(which I've been really lazy about)
·         5pm; I’ll be Cooking Iftar (if it’s Wednesday) Swimming (if its Sunday) or with Friends (if it’s Friday)
·         6pm; I’m most likely showering again
·         8pm; Maghrib & Iftar at Home, a friends, or at the Masjid depending on the day
·         10; at the Masjid for Salat until 12:30am, and i always end up staying up until Suhoor
·         Note: also since I freelance, my work schedule changes depending on the client.

Peace and Love <3