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Sunday, October 26, 2014

DIY Crayon Lipsticks

 So today’s post is a DIY Beauty Post, and it’s a post filled with beautiful, fun, colorful, and most of all creative goodness… DIY Crayon Lipsticks!

Now I've made these lipsticks sometime ago, and thought I already posted about it, but I guess that’s not the case. Oops, I’m so sorry y’all!

But I guess its better late, then never right? Anyway I've been wearing these lipsticks a lot lately, and people have been asking where I've bought them, and I always answer the same “oh thank you! I've actually made it; I have a post up on my blog, check it out!”  Well I’m pretty sure they now think I’m a liar or just plain nutty! And now I feel really bad because I honest to goodness thought I posted about it already, sorry once again.
My Finished Lipsticks
But...Before I get to how to make a lipstick out of crayons, I’m going to give ya’ll a little info about it; but if you don’t care just skip this part.

Crayons are used in pretty much all childcare environment such as Daycare's, Schools, Boys and Girls clubs  and so on, and are made mostly of paraffin wax, which is in most if not all lipsticks, also crayons are often eaten by young children, that’s why they make them with non-toxic materials, and color them with food-grade color.

Which pretty much means its most likely safer than half of the lipstick their selling us, because if a child could eat a few without getting sick, then it’s safe enough for me to apply to my lips, but with that being said, I wouldn't go around eating my lipstick; just image the teeth stains lol

What you will need:
·         A Pack of Non-Toxic Crayons  (Crayola is my go to, as it’s used in most daycare's, and safe for children to eat)
·          Shea Butter
·         An Oil; Coconut, Olive, almond, or jojoba, (this will add smoothness to your lipstick, and make the lipstick apply easier)
·         A Glass or Metal; used for double boiling, and mixing
·         A Clean Empty Jar, or Tube (to place your new lipstick in)
·         Label(Optional);  so you can remember what color you used, or the combo you used)
·         Essential Oil (Optional); Mint, Lemon, Vanilla (for scent)
·         Glitter (Optional); to add if you’re feeling sassy

How to make it:
·         Start off by picking your color crayon you’re going to use, or if your mixing your on combo
·         Remove all wrappings from the crayon
·         You’re going to double boil the crayon lipstick mixture, I suggest you set your stove on low, so you don’t burn it, also make sure no water gets into your mixture!
·          1 Crayon; break your crayon into smaller bits, so it melts faster, stir with a metal object until fully melted
·         Add 1/2 tsp of Shea Butter, continuously stir, until its melted and mixed
·         Now add 1/2 tsp of the oil you picked, mix some more, also if you think the mixture is still a little rough and may be hard to apply add a little more.
·         At this point if you’re going to add scent or glitter do so, and mix
·         Pour your new lipstick into your jar, or tube
·         Once it’s cooled slight, sit upright in the refrigerator, until it’s totally solid
·         Add label, and you’re ready to rock your new lipstick

And that’s it, you’re done, it’s super easy right!

Rocking the Blue!
One Application.

now that you know how to make your own lipstick, what color lipstick will you make?

Peace and Love <3