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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

ELF Studio Blush Palettes Review and Swatches

 So during ELF’s last 50% off site wide sale, I picked up their two Studio Blush Palettes, among a few other things I got, which I’ll get around to Reviewing and Swatching very soon.

The palettes don’t have any fancy names, and the blushes also don’t have any names, which is kind of odd but whatever no big deal.

One palette name is Light and the other Dark; each palette has four blushes in it, that comes in a slick matte black case, that you can push each blush out to move around if you want, which is pretty cool, and maybe they plan on added more to the line?

 The Light Palette; has blushes that would look best on Light to Medium skin tones, the top two blushes from left to right; has a Cool pink and a Neutral Tan Brown Blush, the Bottom row, has a Warm Pink and a Warm Coral Pinky Color which as some Gold Glitter to it, that doesn't really show up on the skin, and when it does, it fades pretty fast

Light Palette (No Primer & No Flash)
Light Palette
The Dark Palette; has blushes that would look best on Medium to Dark skin tones, the top two blushes from left to right; has Warm Mauve and a Deep Berry Blush, the Bottom row, has a Warm Rustic Red with Gold Glitter and a Warm Neutral Deep Red Color

Dark Palette (No Primer & No Flash)
Dark Palette (No Primer & No Flash)
All the blushes are pretty much matte, with a slight sheen to them, and one in each palette has one glitter color

The Price is $6 for 0.14 oz/4g of product, but ELF pretty much always has some type of deal/sale going on, so just keep an eye out. (I paid $3 for each for mine)

What their website/box says about their product: This beautiful blush palette holds 4 gorgeous shades to mix and match throughout the year for a custom blended color. Great for contouring, shading, sculpting, and highlighting, these silky smooth blushes create a beautiful pigmented glow. With a mixture of complimentary matte and shimmer finishes, you can achieve a professional look every time.

Back of Palette, Just Push and It Pops Right Out!

Things I like:
·         Their easy to apply and blend
·         Their very pigmented
·         Easy to build up, if you need to
·         Comes with nice colors, that will look great with a lot of skin tones
·         The texture is nice and silky
·         It  works good for natural or a more dramatic look
·         The package is nice and sleek, with a big mirror, and it’s easy to store, and I love that you can pop out the blushes to move around
·         The price is great
·         Color payoff lasted me around 5-7 hours before I needed a touch up

Things I don’t like:
·         For some people I could see the glittery blushes would be a problem, but I’m cool with it
·         No name for the blushes
·         The label was way too tiny once again, I’m just hoping sooner rather than later ELF will fix this small problem, they keep having

Overall Rating:  5/5
Overall the product is a great buy, and no matter if you’re new to makeup or you've been using it for years, you can’t go wrong, and for the cost of $6 it’s worth a try, and on top of everything else ELF is always having sales on their site, so why not?

Question: do you have or tried these two blush palettes, and what are your feelings about them?

Peace and Love <3