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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Peek Inside My 2015 Planner

 Here’s a peek into my 2015 DIY Life Planner.

A little info for y’all, I've had a planner pretty much since I was around nine or ten years old, give or take a few years where I was being a kid and just made list calling it a planner, and I most differently gotten into planners by my mother, she’s a very organized person, and always seems to get everything done with time to spear.
One of my Monthly Dividers
Now I've used pre-made planners in the past, but there were always a few things I never used or didn't need in them, that just sat there taking up space, and over time I found what works best for me, and really that’s what matters most, finding or making a planner that works for your lifestyle; be it a planner, that’s used for your Life, Family, Fitness, Budget, Blog, Work, Projects, Weddings, Events etc.

One of my Monthly Dividers
So last year I had an intense planner, where I was decorating it each week, with stickers, marker, and tape! Sure it was pretty, but I found myself not keeping up with it, so this year my plan is going to be keeping it basic.

For me my planner is a very personal thing, so this year I wanted to try something different, and instead of printing out my inserts, I handmade them all instead with;  paper, a ruler, pens, and stamps, that I think gives it a more of  a rustic/one of a kind look, that still keeps it basic looking

One of my Monthly Dividers
Inserts I have in my planner, an order of how I like place them;
·         My Dashboard (with quotas and saying that help to motive me, and on the other side, my yearly goals)
·         My Blank To Do Notepad

Each Month has its own section, that fellow in the same format;
Ø  Decorated Divider (which I handmade)
Ø  Month View Calendar (the only thing I printed)
Ø  Monthly Inserts; An inserts that is broken down into four part, two on each side; Monthly Goals, Menu, and I leave a space black for any projects that I take on that month, and a  Mini Fitness Calendar to check off days I worked-out, and I leave a space to keep track of weight gained or lost
Ø  Blog Insert;  a mini calendar to keep track of days I need to blog, and days I posted, my blog reminders; things like due date, blogs topics that I want to post that month (I have another book that’s just for my blog, which hold more in details things, this insert is just for at a glance blog reminders)
Ø  Business Insert; that I write my weekly tasks, monthly reminders, to do, and shopping list
Ø  Budget Insert; one side that keeps track of outgoing cash, and the other incoming  cash, both are broken down in sections (what/where/when/amount)
Ø  Then my weekly inserts that has four days, on each side
Ø  My Fish Insert; my color coding key reminder (I use a ten color pen, each category  has its own color when writing in my weekly calendar ), and my daily do’s, and of course my today marker

Other things I keep in my planner:
·         10 color pen
·         My business cards
·         Paper clips
·         Business card holder insert, that hold my small post it
·         Clear zipper envelope that hold my bigger post it
·         Mini envelope
·         Notepad
·         Post it’s of different sizes, and colors
·         another clear envelope that hold receipts
·         paint sample cards that I made into fish insert for when I need to add post it’s that I might not need again, that I can move around my planner, for list, to-do, and things like that

Peace and Love <3