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Monday, February 2, 2015

The Beauty Arena: ELF Smudge Pot VS. Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow

A Review and Comparison post with two or more similar products, with both my Pros and Cons of each product, I’m not going to try and tell you which one is better for you, I’m only going to state things I like and don’t like about each product!

Now keep in mind, I’m might love something’s, that you might hate, and vice versa. It’s only makeup ladies & gents, so let’s keep it light and fun.

Okay let’s gets this battle started…

Both are a creamy textured eyeshadow that can be used as a Base color, a standalone Eyeshadow, or Eyeliner that can be applied to the lids with your fingertips or a brush.  Both are supposed to be made with a long lasting formula, that’s crease free, and stays vibrant, that you can wear for hours on end.

 Elf Smudge Pot;
Ocean Bound
Price: $3 for 5.5G/O.19oz of product, also keep in mind ELF almost always has some type of sale/deal going on, I got mine for 50% off!

Left to Right
Ocean Bound, Pearls of Wisdom, Hit the Town, Cruisin Schic
  • Very pigmented
  • A little goes along way
  • Lasts around 5 hours without primer, with little to no creasing
  • Easy to build up
  • The texture is nice and smooth, and creamy for most of them
  • The package is ideal for storage
  • The price is great

  • It dries fast, so blending is a pain until you get used to working with it
  • Not all the colors have the same pigmentation or texture, some have little pigment or the texture comes off  as chunky (Pearls of Wisdom, Ain’t that Sweet)
  • Not enough colors to pick from
  • This is an ongoing thing for as I think ELF has sucky labeling on their products

Maybelline Color Tattoo;
75 Electric Blue
Price: $5.29 to$6.45 at most stores for 4.0G/O.14oz of product, but also keep in mind that I’ve seen them sold at a lower price at stores like, Job lot, Big lots, Christmas tree shop, for as low as $2.00!

Left to Right
75 Electric Blue, 05 Too Cool, 15 Audacious Asphalt, 25 Bad to the Bronze

  • Pretty Good price
  • Easy to find, and can buy it pretty much anywhere selling makeup
  • Most are pigmented, with a few crappy ones
  • Lasts around 6-7 hours without primer, with little to no creasing
  • Easy to build up
  • Easy to apply with fingers, or with a brush
  • Tons of Colors and Finnish’s to pick from

  • Not all the colors have the same pigmentation
  • The package isn’t ideal for storage; it’s heavy and oddly shaped
  • Have to apply and blend fast, as some of the colors dry pretty fast
  • Will dry up in jar if not tightly closed, like really tight

Peace and Love <3