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Monday, March 23, 2015

Look of the Day (LOTD) Cotton Candy Eyes

 Aloha Spring!

Even though here in MA, where I live it’s still snow on the ground, The SUN has been trying to poke its head out for the last few days, and that’s more than good enough for me! So in honor of the sun here’s a somewhat bright colorful look!!!

·         Bare Mineral Prime Time, Primer
·         Urban Decay E/S in Fringe on the Lid
·         Urban Decay E/S in Urban in the Crease
·         Urban Decay E/S in Chaos in the Outer V
·         Urban Decay E/S in Revolt in the Inner Corner
·         MAC E/S in Texture for my Highlight
·         Buxom Eyeliner in Call Me
·         Dior Addict It-Lash Mascara in It-Black

Peace & Love <3