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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Nails of the Day (NOTD) Matte Black Flower Nail Art using Stickers

 Matte Black Flower Nail Art using Stickers.

If you’re not that great with doing freehand nail art on both hands, if your just not that great with freehand all together, or if you just want something different, or you just want something easy, nail stickers are the way to go.

They've been around since forever it seems, and you can find them at pretty much any store that sells nail supplies, their super easy and cheap, and can change any manicure into something new and refreshing! And you can include them in your nail design, or use them by themselves.

What you’re going to need: Base Coat, Black Polish, Matte Top Coat, and Nail Stickers

1.       Apply your Base Coat
2.       Apply two thin coat of your Polish (wait for polish to dry)
3.       Apply a small dot of Base Coat, on the spot your placing your sticker (the sticker will stick pretty well without this step, but I find it last longer with it)
4.       Then place your Sticker onto the dot of the base coat, (give it around 30 seconds to become tacky, and then press down using your thumb to make sure it’s not going anywhere)
5.       Apply your Matte top Coat

Colors & Product Used:
·         Sally Hansen Base Coat
·         OPI in Black Onyx
·         NYC Matte Me Crazy 274 Top Coat
·         Nail Sticker From Ebay

Peace and Love <3

Coming up soon… Nail Art 101 Series