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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

This Blog is Moving, Why?


Wanting a fresh start, moving from my old blog.... 


Now to be honest, I’ve been blogging on and off now for a few years. But you guys already now that.

You guys also know I’ve made around two or more blogs, (Kala pond), (For the love of glitter) and this one (Lions in lipstick) which was going very good from 2010-2015. But sadly I’ll be closing this one at the end of 2016 for a few different reasons on my part;

  • I placed myself in a box with naming it (lions in lipstick) which for a few years it worked awesome for me, as all I wanted to do at the time was blog about makeup, and beauty related topics. But overtime, I realized I had more to offer, and wanted to share some of my hobbies, and interest with everyone. And the name kind of stops me from doing so.

  • I got overwhelmed, as I was posting five or sometime even more a week. Pairing that with, work, hobbies, life, and volunteering, I found myself not really giving it my all, and slacking with bad posts, or having long gaps in-between posts.

  • I also will be changing my email to a more “adult” email/blog, and wanted to close this one. Unfortunately by closing it, any, and all pictures that is on my blog now, will be taken down from the blog. It doesn’t matter if I changed admins or not, it will stop showing up on the blog, for whatever reason. This is fine with me as I backed up all posts/pictures, and will be updating some of my older post, and re-posting them on the new one. It’s really just adding another step that’s about it.

  • I also just really wanted a fresh start. To new beginnings and all that, right. But hopefully you’ll join me on this new adventure on/at my new blog!

It’s not goodbye, just a see you later!

Love & Peace